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Training School & Clinic In Fremantle
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Anatomy Trains Short Course
Anatomy Trains Short Course

Foundations of Movement

We are delighted to be offering this workshop, with Thomas Myers, as part of our 2nd Anatomy Trains Summer School!

City: Fremantle
Country: Australia
Speaker: Thomas Myers
Date: 10th February 2020
Venue: Anatomy Trains Australia & NZ Training School & Clinic, 2/5 Norfolk St
Price: $500AUD Save 10% when booking 2 or more workshops Save 15% when booking 3 ore more!
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Course Description:

Join Tom Myers for an active, fun, and practical review of developmental movement from the helpless infant lying on her back to the fully motivated toddler who wrecks your house.

Learn the sequence of seven steps from supine support to upright alignment. Where these stages of development have been ‘missed’, movement is affected.

Learn how to guide your clients through this complete sequence, as well as to use it for self-restoration.

Feel for yourself how the alternation of our joint shape lends both freedom and power to arms, legs, and spine, in sport and martial arts.

Experiment with tension and compression, the yin and yang of biomechanics.

Open to all, come prepared to move!

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