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Training School & Clinic In Fremantle
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Aston Work continued for SI Practitioners - See Move Feel


An exciting opportunity to learn from Judith Aston, on her one and only teaching trip to Australia!

Judith is a pioneer in the movement bodywork field and the founder of Aston® Kinetics. Began
teaching in 1968 and continues to teach professionals in the public today. Judith is an integral part of our SI history and was asked by Ida Rolf, to develop Rolf Movement.

City: Fremantle WA 6160
Country: Australia
Speaker: Judith Aston
Date: 20th - 22nd February 2020
Venue: Anatomy Trains Australia & NZ Training School & Clinic, 2/5 Norfolk St
Price: $1,500AUD save 10% when booking 2 workshops, save 15% when booking 3 or more
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Course Description:

This 3 day workshop has been tailored for SI Practitioners, to enhance seeing and touch skills and help you work more effectively. Judith Aston has a unique style of reading gait and assessing the body. Over the 3 days we will be adding to your technique library, assessment skills and exploring movement. This will include a practicum for partner exchanges and an opportunity to ask questions and gain as much insight from an iconic teacher.

Testimonial: Julie Hammond

Judith is a wealth of knowledge, her strengths are her seeing skills and the way she assess movement. I had the privilege of studying with Judith at her home town in Lake Tahoe, last year. Judith focuses on the support for the client and support for the Therapist, working with ease and efficient body mechanics.

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