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Balancing the Diaphragms - 2 Days

After the success of Introduction to Balancing the Diaphragms, which sold out at out recent Summer School, we are very excited to bring you:
Balancing the Diaphragms - 2 Days for experienced therapists who have a fascination with anatomy!
We are offering this workshop at an introductory price of $450 AUD for both days!

New dates coming soon.

Course Description:

After the success of "Introduction to Balancing the Diaphragms", which sold out at our recent Summer School, we are very excited to bring you:

Balancing the Diaphragms - 2 Days for experienced therapists who have a fascination with anatomy!

Balancing the Diaphragms is a brand new workshop that Julie Hammond, Director & Lead Teacher of Anatomy Trains Australia and NZ and Fiona Palmer, Certified Anatomy Trains UK Teacher have developed to bring together the many therapists working in womens health, back pain and breathing disorders.

This workshop is heavy on anatomy and manual techniques and includes experiential and client exercise for self release.
It will cover in depth anatomy of each diaphragm and advanced manual techniques to influence the position, relationship and balance in and between the diaphragm’s.

Julie and Fiona collaborated on this workshop because after many years in clinical practice they noticed how important the relationship was between the diaphragm’s. A problem in one diaphragm tends to affect the others. You can’t treat pelvic pain and dysfunction without looking at arch balance and ribcage position as well as breathing patterns. They have both increased their knowledge in these areas through numerous dissections. Current research is clearly pointing out the relationships between these structures.

This Workshop will give you:
In depth anatomy of each of the 6 diaphragm’s
Clear understanding of the pelvic diaphragm musculature and ligaments
Advanced techniques for each diaphragm
Relationship between diaphragm’s
Postural assessments
Experiential exercises to feel the connections between the diaphragm’s.
How to put it altogether in your clinical practice
Techniques and tools to help increase your clients spatial awareness.

This workshop is recommended for experienced therapist’s with a good interest in anatomy. This workshop will give you a firm understanding of the anatomy of each diaphragm as well as how to look at posture, manual techniques, experiential and the links between the structures. Understanding how a problem in one area can clearly be coming from elsewhere. If we do not look at the balance of all these structures locally and globally we are missing an important piece of the jigsaw for our clients long term health.


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