what our students say...


"I attended your Structural Integration workshop in Nambour this year. Firstly, I want to again say an enthusiastic Thank You for the wonderful course!

I have surprised myself in being able to start incorporating the techniques into my practice straight away, usually I don’t trust myself to start working clients straight away!"


Anatomy Trains in Structure & Function Workshop, Nambour QLD,  February 2021 


"I am writing from Norway where I have finally had time to sit down and watch the AT masterclass ... nothing like a looming deadline. It was fantastic and I just wanted to say a very big thank you. I am a Pilates instructor working with a lot of pre and post-natal women and also women in their 50s and 60s ... often still unbalanced after difficult births years previously. Your clear and concise descriptions of the fascial connections has really joined some dots for me. Thank you again."


Online Summer School 'Introduction to Balancing the Diaphragms', February 2021 

"I want to go back and do it all over again, I loved it so much!!!"


Anatomy Trains in Training Workshop, Toowoomba QLD, June 2021 

"Anatomy Trains AU & NZ Training School with Julie Hammond as a Director and teacher are the best school in Australia. I studied Structural Integration with Julie.
Julie is knowledgeable, passionate to teach, detailed. As a student where English is my second language. Julie mentally helped me not to give up. I felt her support until the end of my course. And even after I graduated Julie helped us with a free webinars during the pandemic."



Anatomy Trains Structural Integration

2021 Graduate

"Thank you so much. I purchased an early bird VIP package. I value the access to the extra sessions.

The information was relevant, the speakers amazing, the topics varied, the format easy to follow, the catchup sessions easy to access. Thank you for followup PDFs. The whole experience was beyond my expectations. Well done.

I watched as the sessions were presented from Queensland Australia, except four sessions which I have watched over the last two days.

I concluded with Mel and Deb’s session. The best way possible to recenter and finish the Symposium.

The conversations that matter have started."


Anatomy Trains Women's Health Symposium, February 2022

"I have just finished watching all of the videos for the Women's Health Symposium!  Wow!  What a ride!  I just want to say thank you to Mel and Julie for putting this amazing symposium together!  As someone who is in perimenopause and who has pelvic floor issues, I am so grateful for all of this information. It's as if you read all of the questions in my mind and provided me with either the answers, or a plan to find the answers.  I now have a renewed sense of hope for myself, all women, and women's health in general.  Hearing all of the amazing  presenters speak made me relieved to know that you all are out there....fighting the good fight, doing the research and helping so many women.  Thank you!  You all inspire me.  I feel invigorated and ready to learn more!  You have given me much to process and discover.  I look forward to all of it!

Thank you so much for providing this experience.  I look forward to next year!!"

Anatomy Trains Women's Health Symposium, February 2022

"I highly recommend Anatomy Trains pathway to becoming a fully qualified Structural Integration practitioner.

These courses are incredibly rich in content and forward thinking techniques that you can immediately use in your clinical setting. Be prepared to work and study hard, learn about the layers of fascia as you are  trained to  think outside the box. I am constantly surprised by the conversation between the systems and how much I learn from my clients with each session, even after nearly a year after graduation, I’m still learning. I’ve become a better hand listener after training with ATSI. My observational skills are way better. I love helping my clients live more fully in their body.
I can’t recommend these courses enough. Life changing."


Anatomy Trains Structural Integration

2021 Graduate

""The wealth of information, techniques and skills offered, feed my enthusiasm for bodywork and continue to encourage my love for the human body.


Amazed, awed and inspired."


Anatomy Trains in Structure & Function, Sydney NSW, June 2022

"The following course provided by Anatomy Trains Australia was presented by Michael Polon. It was titled 'The Nervous Systems' and sparked my interest. For me, it's a system that you can never know enough about, it always has more to offer. The format was 3 online webinars lasting 2 hours each, the last being on the 8th of November 2020. The program was as headed, Nervous Systems, Neural Interactions with Touch. What followed was a myriad of challenging, thought provoking, exquisitely guided and precisely timed concepts of how the brain perceives what we feel and how it reacts to pain and touch, delivered by a man who knows it well enough to explain it simply (which is in fact, my mantra for teaching). It has been the one course that has changed the way I treat and will continue to treat. Nothing I have done has had a greater impact, it will continue to challenge me until I am no longer capable of using my hands for treatments."

Beyond Anatomy: Working with the Nervous System, Webinar by Michael Polon, November 2020 

"Thanks so much, not just for the awesome Structural Essentials Arches and Legs course content, but also for the passion and energy of your team. You all make an extremely challenging course so much more fun. I have a much greater focus on intrinsic foot stability and postural strength, and the techniques you have taught me have resulted in much quicker and longer lasting improvements for my patients.

They are happy, I am happy, and I can’t wait to do more courses with you (once I recover from the last one!)"
Structural Essentials: Arches & Legs Workshop, Sydney NSW, May 2019

The webinar was one of the best I have attended. Anatomy trains is definitely a step above with content, the interaction.

I am working out how to incorporate being aware or your pelvic diaphragm into treatments to assist clients.

When Fi was talking about massaging the foot. I remembered the urologist/gyno gave me information if I needed to strengthen the bladder and rectum called PTNS, Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation.

For me the webinar was mind blowing and it also joined a few dots for me.

Thank you


- Shining a Spotlight on 'The Pelvic Diaphragm' Live Webinar, 31st October 2021 -