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Training School & Clinic In Fremantle
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ATSI Part I: Structural Essentials
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Structural Essentials:

Shoulders and Arms

The Structural Essentials workshops can be taken as stand alone workshops or as credits towards the full ATSI training.

City: Fremantle WA 6160
Country: Australia
Speaker: Julie Hammond
Date: 20th - 21st November 2019
Venue: Anatomy Trains Australia & NZ Training School & Clinic, 2/5 Norfolk St
Price: $650 AUD
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City: Hong Kong Central
Country: Hong Kong
Speaker: Julie Hammond
Date: 15th - 16th March 2020
Venue: MYO Sports Clinic, 7/F Abdoolally House, 20 Stanley Street
Price: Please email the local host in Hong Kong
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City: TBC
Country: New Zealand
Speaker: Julie Mower
Date: 9th & 10th October 2020
Venue: TBC
Price: $650 AUD
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Course Description:

Structural Essentials is a completely redesigned program that includes a series of short intensives to give you a solid, reliable, and holistic way of working. Each workshop can be taken as a stand alone or part of the full ATSI training programme.

This series of workshops will take you to a new level in therapy by combining movement and specific manual techniques for the most efficient and long-lasting results, using the latest research on the interaction between skeleton, myofascia, joints, and fascial proprioceptors. See how inefficient mechanics in one spot can lead to overuse problems (and pain) somewhere quite distant from the original issue – and then use both movement and manual techniques to make quick, effective and lasting improvements.

Each course focuses on 15-20 core ‘templates’ for technique, which can be applied in different ways for different patterns in your clients. We will teach you the relevant structural anatomy for the area and the common postural and movement implications around each of them. Be an efficient and effective integrative bodywork therapist.

Shoulders & Arms: This is the fifth workshop in the Structural Essentials series. We are going to look at the balance of the shoulder girdle on top of the rib cage. Understanding the anatomy of the shoulder girdle and arms through the Anatomy Trains Arm lines. In this computer age, the arms get unique usage these days, requiring a complex equation of stability versus mobility to balance correctly on the rib cage, the shoulders can easily be used to compensate for thoracic and cervical deviations or be the cause for them.

This can lead to issues travelling down into the arms and hands, up into the neck and jaw or even into the spine and rib cage. You will learn to recognise ‘ideal’ and compensated patterns and how to tie them into the story of the rest of the body. This will allow you to see what work needs to be done to create lasting results for this area.

This course travels from the shoulder to the hand on the Arm Lines, giving techniques for every station along the way. These include:

• Balancing the shoulder girdle on the rib cage

• Releases for each joint of the shoulder

• Soft-tissue techniques for shoulder muscles

• Elbow and upper arm muscle releases

• Lower arm extensor, flexor, radial, and ulnar releases

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