Dr. Andrzej Pilat

Myofascial Induction Therapy (MIT™)

Teacher: Dr. Andrzej Pilat
Date: 22nd, 23rd, 24th & 25th January 2025
Location: Ultimo NSW 2007
Cost: $1,600 SUPER EARLY BIRD Price until 20/06/2024 (Full Price $2,000)


MIT is a therapeutic concept belonging to manual therapy aimed at the functional restoration of the altered fascial system. The application of the therapeutic procedures can be defined as a combination of sustained pressure, specific positioning, and very smooth glides. The term “induction” relates to the facilitation of movement rather than a passive stretching of the fascial system. The result is a reciprocal reaction from the body involving the biochemical, metabolic, signalling reaction, and finally the physiological responses. This process aims to reshape the quality of the extracellular matrix of the connective tissue to facilitate and optimize the transfer of information to and within the fascial system.

The workshop is theoretical–practical

The theory part summarizes the basic concepts related to the fascia as the complex biological system and its relevance in body movement, patient/client assessment and analysis of the Myofascial Dysfunction Syndrome.

The practical part focused to the basic procedures of Myofascial Induction Therapy and clinical applications related to the thoracolumbar fascia system dysfunction.

Target of MIT Treatment

Recover and develop the dynamic stability of the fascial system, accentuate (intensify) the quality and efficiency of movement. Optimize body homeostasis.


The program includes discussion of the following topics:

Theoretical bases of the fascial system

  • Concept of the fascial system.
  • Anatomy of the fascial system (full colour pictures and videos from non-embalmed cadaver dissection)
  • Connective tissue histology (focusing to the matrix: fibers, cells, receptors)
  • Neuroanatomy of the fascial system.
  • Biomechanics of the myofascial complex of the human body (focusing the biotensegrity model).
  • Characteristics of the biophysical and biochemicals concepts of the fascial system.
  • Trauma of the fascial system and the injury repair process.
  • Myofascial restriction and dysfunction.
  • Bases for assessment of Myofascial Dysfunction Syndrome.

Basics of the Myofascial Induction procedures.

  • Patient assessment.
  • Rules of treatment.
  • Sequence of treatments.
  • Patient monitoring.
  • Indications and contraindications.
  • Application of Basic Procedures.
    • Stroke Procedures
    • Sustained Procedures

Application of Myofascial Induction procedures in the most common restrictions linked to the thoracolumbar fascia (TLF) system.

  • Analysis of the fascial biomechanics related to the TLF behaviour.
  • Assessment of pathomechanical changes related to myofascial restrictions of the TLF system structures.
  • Application of specific treatments in the structures related to the TLF dynamics.


  • You will learn procedures linked to the assessment of Myofascial Dysfunction Syndrome(MDS) focused on clinical practice and draw conclusions based on the interview, postural analysis and palpation.
  • You will gain experience in assessment, design and implementation of the MIT process.
  • You will understand the importance of the knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes that govern the therapeutic process.
  • You will acquire manual skills in exploration, decision making and implementation of treatments.
  • You will assess the patient's functional status, considering the aspects of MDS.
  • You will be able design the therapeutic intervention plan.
  • You will carry out the MIT interventions in the most common clinical condition.
  • You will follow the patient's evolution.


Dr Andrzej Pilat is a Physiotherapist and specialist in manual therapy. Creator of the Myofascial Induction approach. Lecturer on postgraduate and master degree programs in numerous universities in Spain and other European countries as well as in Central and South America. Author of the book Myofascial Induction, and co-author of books and papers on manual therapy published in Britain, Spain, Italy and the USA. Director of the Tupimek School of Myofascial Therapies, Madrid, Spain. Dr Andrzej Pilat has undertaken pioneering research on fascial anatomy using non-embalmed cadaver dissections and has used his expertise as a photographer to capture the inner beauty of the body in pictures