Photo of Wojtek Cackowski


Teacher: Wojtek Cackowski
Date: 16th, 17th & 18th January 2025
Location: Ultimo NSW 2007
Cost: $1,100 SUPER EARLY BIRD Price - held until 20/06/2024 (Full Price: $1,500) 


During the 3-day Zoga Movement Introduction course, participants will learn the basic principles of working with the Zoga Movement method.  

They will be introduced to the concept of relative movement of tissues and its influence on chain reactions in joints, which determine the possibility of free movement. 

They will also learn the basics of postural analysis and biomechanical analysis of the body in motion. 

The next step will be how to achieve changes in the spatial organization of the body in gravity through appropriately designed movement sequences and to restore more movement potential in their body and the patient’s body.

Trainees will learn effective manual and assistive movement techniques to help them achieve local and global changes in their patients’ biomechanical body systems.

ZOGA is a training for ALL those who work with the body.


Zoga is a collection of strengthening and stretching exercises based on yoga asanas using Anatomy Trains Structural Integration principles. It is designed to restore slippage between the different layers of fascia in our bodies. 

Zoga is a movement concept for anyone who wants to achieve freedom and awareness of movement and posture in 4D. It tests all possible relationships of the body to gravity and creates many global and local movement vectors available in the body.

Zoga is designed to support and achieve the goals of Structural Integration and to create a permanent change of the pattern in the organization of the musculofascial system in the human body.


Wojciech Cackowski is a certified practitioner of Structural Integration ATSI, with an educational background in sports education and physiotherapy. With ten years of experience, he combines manual therapy and yoga with myofascial therapy. He is the founder of the Zoga Movement® project, influenced by in-depth research on the layered movement of fascia anatomy, conducted on cadavers.

As a certified Scarwork, Bonework teacher, and specialist in structural integration, he contributes to clinical applications for neurological children, scoliosis, and foot specialists. 

Currently, Wojtek is teaching Scarwork and Bonework methods and collaborating with medical specialists in Ukraine. His efforts focus on helping patients with scars and infants in the neonatology department, which represents another example of his commitment to holistic healthcare.