Official Anatomy Trains Education Partners


We collaborate with selected host centres around the world. Our official education partners organise and offer our training courses.

By hosting a single course like Anatomy Trains in Structure & Function or offering a whole curriculum like Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (ATSI) , you as a host, broaden your own, your staff's and your centre’s education portfolio with high quality and innovative products. You generate additional income for your business and sharpen your profile as a professional hub for manual and movement professionals.


  • Affiliate your company with a world leader in the ‘new’ Anatomy and a premier Structural Integration training
  • Anatomy Trains provides constant updates and new applications for Tom Myers’ revolutionary myofascial meridians holistic map
  • Anatomy Trains Structure and Function is a ‘fascia-nating’ overview and foundation for the myofascial system
  • Package of 7 Leading-edge Regional Anatomy workshops for Manual and Movement Professionals
  • Profitable and practice-enriching workshops to add to your curriculum
  • Proven pathway to Certification in Structural Integration available through Anatomy Trains Australia & New Zealand
  • Course descriptions and registration links listed worldwide under Workshops
  • Ongoing e-mail news updates, social media advertising, and marketing collateral and support to fill your courses

Make sure it's official!

Remember, if you're booking an Anatomy Trains course, check that it is being run by one of our official partners, or it will not count as credits towards our training pathway and it will not offer the research and quality that you have come to expect from Anatomy Trains.

Our Anatomy Trains Teachers commit to years of extensive training, before being tested by Thomas Myers himself, before they can certify. They also attend CPD courses and ongoing teacher training to enable them to teach to the highest standards with our ever evolving, research backed courses.

If you would like to apply to be an Official Education Partner, please get in touch!
+61 8 9335 5063

Official Education Partners: