We are excited to return to Tasmania in 2024 for more workshops!

In 2023, we started out with our foundation workshop Anatomy Trains in Structure & Function, followed by the Structural Essentials modules Arches & Legs and Fans of the Hip.

We will return in early 2024 to complete the further four Structural Essentials modules and then start again with our foundation workshop, followed by all 6 modules of ATSI Part I.

Tassie Poster 2024


For more details and registration buttons for all Tasmania 2024 workshops, please click on the below links. The modules that are held in pairs, can be booked as such on our booking page.


Anatomy Trains in Structure & Function

Structural Essentials: Arches & Legs

Structural Essentials: Fans of the Hip

Structural Essentials: Opening the Breath

Structural Essentials: Tensegrity Spine

Structural Essentials: Shoulders & Arms

Structural Essentials: Head, Neck & Jaw