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Training School & Clinic In Fremantle
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Anatomy Trains Short Course
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Meet the Team

Tom Myers

Thomas Myers - Global Director

Tom studied directly with Dr. Ida Rolf, Moshe Feldenkrais, and Buckminster Fuller. He has also studied less extensively with movement teachers Judith Aston, Emilie Conrad, and in the martial arts. His work is influenced by cranial, visceral, and intrinsic movement studies he made with European schools of osteopathy.

An inveterate traveler, Tom has practiced integrative manual therapy for over 30 years in a variety of clinical and cultural settings, including 10 years in London, and traveling practices in Hamburg, Rome, Nairobi, and Sydney, as well as a dozen locales in the US. He is a member of the International Association of Structural Integrators (IASI).

Author of Anatomy Trains (Elsevier 2001) and a set of supporting videos, Tom has also penned over 60 articles for trade magazines and journals on anatomy, soft tissue manipulation, and the social scourge of somatic alienation and loss of reliance on kinesthetic intelligence.

Practitioner - Julie Hammond

Julie Hammond - Director & Lead Teacher Australia & New Zealand

Julie is the Director of Anatomy Trains Australia & New Zealand and also Bodywork Education Australia, both companies are as a result of sheer determination to bring high level learning opportunities to the southern hemisphere.

Julie has been a bodyworker for over 16 years and is a certified KMI Structural Integration Practitioner, a certified Anatomy Trains Teacher and Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist. Julie undertook her KMI Training internationally and is delighted to be able to bring Anatomy Trains and KMI Training to Australia and beyond as the Official Anatomy Trains Office in Australia & New Zealand.

Julie has travelled extensively in the last few years, assisting teaching in America, South Africa & New Zealand. She loves to travel but also looks forward to teaching closer to home. Julie also still owns and runs a clinic in Perth and is still a hands on practitioner – when she has the time!

Pip AT Web Pic

Phillippa Pointon - Conference & Events Organiser

Phillippa is our Conference & Events Organiser. She has worked for Bodywork Education Australia Pty Ltd and Anatomy Trains Australia & New Zealand for the past 4 years and has developed a passion for anatomy during her time.

Phillippa works closely with Director, Julie Hammond, to ensure the best possible outcomes for students attending our events. She is the point of contact for our students and oversees their journey from initial contact, through to certification.

Phillippa has extensive knowledge and experience in advertising, marketing and event planning/management, and is well placed to coordinate the many courses that Anatomy Trains Australia & New Zealand and Bodywork Education Australia have to offer.


Julie Mower - Certified Anatomy Trains Teacher

Julie has been working in the health and fitness industry since 1994.

Julie has trained with Thomas Myers, James Earls in the UK and Julie Hammond in Australia. Julie is a fully certified Anatomy Trains Teacher, and a KMI structural Integration Practitioner. She regularly assists during Thomas Myers KMI trainings and other Fascia related workshops in Australia & New Zealand and is a big asset for the Australian Team. Julie will be venturing into the world of co teaching and solo teaching for Anatomy Trains very soon!

Additionally; she has been teaching Pilates for over 10 years, training with Polestar Pilates and is a fully certified APPI (Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute) instructor.


Casey Gordon - Certified Anatomy Trains Teacher

Casey is a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist and KMI Structural Integration Practitioner, graduating in 2014 in Australia with Julie Hammond.

Casey is also a certified Anatomy Trains Teacher and has assisted many of our courses within Australia & New Zealand, from Anatomy Trains to the full KMI Training Program.

Casey also works at Bodywork Integration Clinic, in Secret Harbour, Perth, and enjoys all aspects of her work. She is passionate and determined and has proven to be a real asset to the team.


Karin Gurtner - Certified Anatomy Trains Movement Teacher

Karin is the founder and principal educator of art of motion training in movement®, a recognized training organization for Contemporary Pilates & Slings Myofascial Training based in Switzerland and Australia.

Certified in Pilates, Yoga, Gyrokinesis and other movement arts, Karin has developed a wide range of Contemporary Pilates education courses for movement teachers and physiotherapists, has written several magazine articles and is regularly presenting at conferences internationally.

Karin is a certified Anatomy Trains teacher and KMI Structural Integration Practitioner

Karin is travelling the world blending her love for movement, teaching and exploring new places, all the while spreading the good news that movement is an art, a craft and an amazing tool to enrich your life in whatever way you want to enrich your life.

Muriel Morwitzer

Muriel Morwitzer - Certified Anatomy Trains Movement Teacher

Mumu is a Senior Lecturer & Manager art of motion training in movement®, Australia Director & Proprietor of art of motion Movement Studio, Margaret River Australia

Mumu is a dedicated Movement Teacher, Dancer & Educator: Certificate IV in Matwork Contemporary Pilates & Teaching Methodology; Diploma in Matwork & reformer Contemporary Pilates & Teaching Methodology; Diploma of Contemporary Dance, Laban Centre London; Physical Theatre Teacher and Choreographer, Ecole d‘ Humanite Switzerland; Wu Tao Instructor (A dance form that incorporates the Chinese Meridians)


Bonnie Furzer - Certified Anatomy Trains Movement Teacher

Bonnie has passionately dedicated her professional life to movement and therapy. Difficult issues are great challenges for Bonnie. In her PhD thesis she investigated the role of exercise and complementary therapies in the rehabilitation of cancer patients. Today, Bonnie works at the UWA clinic, teaches within the School of Sport Science, Exercise & Health and is an art of motion lecturer


Chris Clayton - Certified Anatomy Trains Teacher

Chris owns and runs a Remedial Therapy Clinic in Toowoomba, with his wife Maree, Chris's work focus is on remedial movement and fitness therapy. Chris has extensive knowledge in this area, having been involved in the industry for the past 35 years.

Chris is a Certified Anatomy Trains Teacher and the only Certified Anatomy Trains in Training Teacher in Australia!
Chris qualified as an Anatomy Trains Structural Integration Practitioner in 2017



Maree Clayton - Assistant

Maree Clayton is a certified KMI Structural Integration Practitioner, graduating in June 2015 in Australia with Julie Hammond. Maree is also a Personal Trainer and Remedial Massage Therapist having ran her own clinic, with her husband Chris since 2003.

Working in Toowoomba has given Maree the ability to build a wide Allied Health Professional Network in order to utilize a holistic approach, as she views communication between modalities is vital for a positive outcome for her clients.

Maree has had the opportunity to assist during the KMI SI Training in 2016 and is hoping to continue on this path of learning and growth.



Neville Dunne - Assistant

Neville has been a practising Bodywork Therapist since 2001. Over this time he has gained many years of experience and honed his skills and expertise as a Structural Bodywork Therapist. His curiosity of the human anatomy has set him on a journey to help his clients reach their unique structural pattern.

Neville is a great addition to the Anatomy Trains assisting team and we look forward to working with Neville in the near future.


Kelly Dawson - Assistant

Kelly is a qualified KMI Structural Integration Practitioner and Remedial Massage Therapist, graduating with Julie Hammond, in Australia in June 2015.
Kelly has assisted for us in 2016 and we look forward to Kelly working with the Anatomy Trains Team more in 2017 and beyond.

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