Bodyreading taiwan


Hosted by Somategrity Academy

Julie Hammond is excited to be offering BodyReading Online for her Taiwan students and working with our wonderful host Dr. Julian Wang.

This Online workshop will be split into 3 modules throughout the day.

Each module will include theory, live demo’s, interaction with the group and break out rooms for group BodyReading. You will be looking at common patterns in clinical practice, looking at structural relationships within the body and given a step-by-step approach to form strategies for these common postural patterns, as well as how to progress from static BodyReading into dynamic functional tests.

This online workshop will be interactive and encourages audience participation.


Country: Taiwan
Speaker: Julie Hammond
Date: 12th December 2021
Venue: Online
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Module 1:

9.30- 11.30am: BodyReading basics

  • Terminology
  • Reading the body via the lines
  • How to form a strategy from the information
  • Superficial front line, Superficial back line balance
  • Lateral line common patterns


Module 2:

1.00pm- 3.00pm: Rotations

  • Spiral line patterns
  • Deep front line patterns
  • Spinal rotations
  • BodyReading the knee


Module 3:

3.30- 5.30pm: Advanced- Dynamic BodyReading

  • BodyReading the pelvis
  • Strategies for the pelvis
  • Static into dynamic BodyReading
  • Dynamic- Gait