Julie Hammond

Balancing the Diaphragms - Treating Pelvic Diaphragm Dysfunction with a Global Lens

Teacher: Julie Hammond
Date: 19th, 20th & 21st January 2025
Location: Ultimo NSW 2007
Cost: $1,100 SUPER EARLY BIRD Price - held until 20/06/2024 (Full Price: $1,500) 


Balancing the Diaphragms was cofounded by Julie Hammond and Fiona Palmer to look at the fascial and functional connections between the diaphragms of the body. How they interact and communicate with each other, and how restriction in one can affect another. The aim was to bring health professionals together from different modalities to collaborate and share information. Understanding how we all fit into the picture.

This 3 day workshop looks at pelvic dysfunction from a global lens and gives you a different way to view and treat pelvic dysfunction. However, it looks at much more than pelvic dysfunction. The workshop encompasses all the diaphragms and looks at breathing dysfunction, voice and throat restrictions and TMJ dysfunction.

Can your voice facilitate pelvic diaphragm contraction or assist in down training? Alternatively, easing hypertonicity in the pelvic diaphragm can assist with voice restrictions and breath.

This workshop breaks up complex anatomy into understandable information and current research and then relates it to clinical practice. The workshop is packed with information and includes anatomy, experiential, manual and movement applications for the diaphragms.

Over three days we will explore the complex fascial anatomy of these diaphragms, how they relate to clinical practice in a fun and interactive way. We guarantee you will leave this workshop with a newfound passion for this anatomy and tools to use immediately in practice.

The workshop cost includes

  • 2 x Fascial release balls
  • 1x Coregeous ball


Julie Hammond lives in Western Australia and is the director and lead teacher of Anatomy Trains Australia & New Zealand, a member of the Anatomy Trains education committee, and an international presenter. She has been a bodyworker for 23 years. She is a certified Anatomy Trains Structural Integration practitioner and Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist.

Julie organised the first Australian Fascia symposium in 2020 and co-founded Balancing the Diaphragms. She has a passion for women’s health and organised the first Anatomy Trains Women’s Health symposium last year along with Melanie Burns.

She is currently looking at pelvic floor health from a global treatment perspective and how she can help women improve the function of the pelvis from the ground up. Julie has narrated online dissections for Anatomy Trains, working with Todd Garcia. She is currently studying medical science.