A-P Lindberg

Human Movement in Strength & Rehabilitation - Shoulder Maximizing Performance, Minimizing & Rehabilitating Injuries

Teacher: A-P Lindberg
Date: 27th, 28th & 29th January 2025
Location: Ultimo NSW 2007
Cost: $1,100 SUPER EARLY BIRD Price - held until 20/06/2024 (Full Price: $1,500) 


In the Shoulder workshop the functional anatomy of the shoulder girdle and glenohumeral joint are studied in detail, four dimensionally. The workshop focus is in the details and the global anatomy that matter for the practice. 

Join us to learn:

Shoulder girdle 3D assessment in relation to functional anatomy:

Looking at Shifts of the whole shoulder girdle, Tilts of the scapula in different planes, Rotations of the scapula and the shoulder girdles affect to the glenohumeral joint

4D movement assessment

  • 4D timing of the Shoulder girdle–Humerus and upper extremity movement
    • Scapulo-Humeral rhythm
      • From static stability to dynamic control of Shoulder girdle, Scapula, Glenohumeral joint and upper extremity
  • Functional anatomy in relation to global anatomy in movement 
  • Postural and Movement assessment
  • Exercises from neutral stability to 4D dynamic control
  • Principles of global ballistic movement strategy
  • How to maximize performance and minimize risk of injuries 
  • Prevent and rehabilitate shoulder and upper extremity injuries, for example
    • Impingement to Rotator cuff overuse injuries
    • Supra and Infraspinatus, Subscapularis and Long head of the Biceps
    • Tendinitis, Tendinosis & Tendinopathies
  • AC-joint overuse injuries, Bursitis, SLAP injuries (superior-labrum-anterior-posterior), TOS (Thoracic outlet syndrome)
  • Logical ways of organizing the physical training and coaching through functional anatomy and functional movement related to clients needs, biology and pathology in their life and in sports
  • Financially and time efficient postural and movement assessments, integrated into training, coaching, and rehabilitation.


Ari-Pekka Lindberg is a teacher, lecturer, author, physiotherapist, occupational physiotherapist and personal trainer specializing in functional anatomy, assessment procedures, and progressive training. His teaching focuses on the understanding of different movement strategies and movement patterns that are applicable from top sports to rehabilitation.

A-P has built his understanding of full-body functioning through 25 years of research and learning from many different perspectives: Anatomy Trains, OMI, MDT, Motor Control, neurology, exercise physiology. He uses that deep foundation to understand how clients load themselves during movement to create clinical and functional differential diagnostics. The diagnostic outcome provides an individualized and progressive pathway toward enhanced kinesthetic awareness that works toward the clients’ personal goals, better health, and improved performance.

As a writer A-P has authored or coauthored seven books. Each book uses his expertise in the field of exercises, rehabilitation, and wellness from different angles.

A-P is also a founder, author, and coauthor of several workshops in the fields of training, exercise, and rehabilitation.