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2021 Summer School

After the great success of our first Online Summer School in February 2021, we are excited to announce that you now purchase the recordings of the 8 presentations.

Immerse yourself in the combined expansive knowledge and years of experience of 8 educators and join this unique learning opportunity from anywhere in the world.


Australian Fascia Symposium

The inaugural Australian Fascia Symposium was held online in September 2020.
The symposium featured leaders in Fascial Research and Applications. presenting their innovative work on a wide variety of subjects.

We are delighted to announce individual presentations or the entire program are available for purchase now.

*Includes a 12 month subscription

Specialist Sundays 1

2 x Webinars with
Ari-Pekka Lindberg  

Online Recordings

Webinar 1: Intervertebral Disc

Webinar 2: Rotator Cuff

Slings Myofascial Training Introduction Workshop Series


Slings Myofascial Training is a fascia-focussed, body-minded movement method
developed by Karin Gurtner.

The method is based on new findings in fascia research and movement science.

This interactive workshop series with Muriel Morwitzer comprises of three 2-hour workshops, where you will be introduced to the three main components of the Slings Myofascial Training Education pathway.

Beyond Anatomy: Working With The Nervous System For More Meaningful Results

Join Michael Polon in three sessions to explore the multi layered impacts of our work on the Nervous System in regard to touch, movement, posture, pain, and embodiment.

Cover concepts including the science of touch, assessing/correcting postural, movement and pain patterns, the importance of embodied awareness, and how to cultivate therapeutic presence and conscious communication skills.
All bodyworkers and movement therapists
are welcome.

Specialist Sundays 2

Live Webinar with
Lauren Christman  
Sunday 23rd May 2021



Adapting Your Hands-On Work For Kids

Sunday 23rd May 2021
9.00am  - 11.00am AWST


Specialist Sundays 3

Live Webinar with
Jan E Trewartha  
Sunday 30th May 2021




Sunday 30th May 2021
4.00pm  - 6.00pm AWST


Specialist Sundays 4

Live Webinar with
Susan Findlay  
Sunday 20th June 2021


Oncology Massage

Working as a Mindful Touch Therapist

Sunday 20th June 2021
3.30pm  - 5.30pm AWST


Specialist Sundays 5

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