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Unwinding The Spine

Tom Myers latest DVD – Unwinding The Spine

This 4-hour program works progressively though the anatomy for the spine, imaginatively presented in Tom’s inimitable manner – leading to strategies, protocols, and specific techniques to ease tension, reduce spinal bends and rotations, and improve posture and function. Work on the spine is central to human function.

Most soft-tissue work on the spine is left to the chiropractors and osteopaths, working with HVLA (high-velocity, low amplitude) thrusts of the bones and joints.  But for spinal adjustments to stay and ‘take hold’, the soft tissues must also balance around the spine.  This DVD gives you the confidence and competence to work with the spine via the surrounding myofasciae.

Take a tour with Tom Myers through the intricate anatomy of the spinal apparatus, the muscles, ligaments, and fascial sheets, and the relationship among the spinal curves. Learn to deal with both kyphosis and lordosis; learn how the spine powers gait.  Learn to unravel complex rotations in the spine with Tom’s unique Fascial Release Techniques.