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Training School & Clinic In Fremantle
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Anatomy Trains Short Course
Anatomy Trains Short Course

Advanced Course for Freeing the Breath: Unlocking the Lower Ribs

We are delighted to be welcome back Thomas Myers to Australia, for our 2nd Anatomy Trains Summer School!

City: Fremantle WA 6160
Country: Australia
Speaker: Thomas Myers
Date: 8th - 9th February 2020
Venue: Anatomy Trains Australia & NZ Training School & Clinic, 2/5 Norfolk St
Price: $1200AUD Save 10% when booking 2 or more workshops Save 15% when booking 3 ore more!
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Course Description:

This workshop offers an opportunity to learn advanced techniques and BodyReading from Tom Myers himself. Gaining insight and powerful tools to help in clinical practice.
Open to experienced manual and movement practitioners.

We once asked Dr Ida Rolf what part of the body she would specialise in if she had to specialise.  She said ’The 12th rib’, and we all laughed.  But she was serious:  Around a dozen muscles attach to the 12th rib, as short as it is. The lower ribs marry the rib cage to the pelvis, join breathing and walking, and hold the kidneys and adrenals in their embrace.  The lower ribs are often ‘locked’ by common postural compensation, so freeing this part of the breath is more involved than just mobilising the ribs themselves.

This workshop concentrates on the healthy functioning of these ribs and the posterior part of the breath, but the techniques will range from neck to knees. Looking at the local and global implications of restriction in the breath and how this has a knock on effect on all structures.


Thomas Myers

The originator of the Anatomy Trains Myofascial Meridians

Thomas Myers is the author of Anatomy Trains (Elsevier, 2001, 2009, 2014), the co-author of Fascial Release for Structural Balance (North Atlantic, 2010, 2017), and numerous articles for trade magazines and journals that have been collected in the books Body3, The Anatomist's Corner, Structural Integration: Collected Articles, and BodyReading: Visual Assessment and the Anatomy Trains. He has also produced over 15 DVDs and numerous webinars on visual assessment, Fascial Release Technique, and the applications of fascial research.

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