Transforming Our Clients’ Lived Experience with Bodywork and Movement

Speaker: Michael Polon
Venue: Online - Available to view for a further two months after purchase/access
Price: $80AUD per presentation
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Presentation Description:

What does it feel like to be in your body? This class will look into the various ways bodywork and movement can reshape our client's felt sense and transform their experience of living in their body. By investigating how our work affects the process and experience of embodiment, we can set the stage for our work to result in longer lasting, more profoundly meaningful results.

Topics that will be explored include:

- Advanced concepts for understanding the role of posture in bodywork
- How postural patterns relate to pain
- Movement assessments and clinical reasoning
- Choosing the appropriate pressure of our work with clients who are in pain vs those who just feel “tight”
- How touch and movement inform and changes the brain and mind
- Widening perceptual skills for pattern recognition
- What is up with interoception and why it may be one of the most important aspects of bodywork

About Michael Polon:

Michael’s first introduction to Rolfing came as a client, when seeking help with a series of sports injuries and improvement of moderate scoliosis. His interest in the body began early as a result of these ailments and he began his college years on track to become a physical therapist.

After experiencing the power of Rolfing as a client in Boulder during his early twenties, Michael shifted gears and quickly enrolled at The Rolf Institute® in 1998. Immediately following his graduation in 1999, he was invited to re-enter the classroom as a teaching assistant and has been involved with teaching in Rolfing and Continuing Education classes ever since.

After almost 20 years of study, Michael still has the same beginner’s excitement when it comes to exploring the art, science, theory, and practice of Rolfing. Through consistent study and continuing education classes with Rolfers, as well as with Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Psychotherapists, and Movement/Rehab experts, Michael learns more about what is possible with this work each year.

His enthusiastic curiosity of how people (and their bodies behave) fuels his passion for understanding how anatomy, physiology, movement, posture, pain, and healing potential all come together with this work.

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