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Anatomy Trains Short Course

1 Day Introduction to Balancing the Diaphragms

City: Taipei City
Country: Taiwan 100004
Speaker: Julie Hammond
Date: 6th April 2021
Venue: Somategrity Academy, 6F, No.20, Hengyang Rd, Zhongzheng Dist
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Course Description:

Balancing the Diaphragms is a brand new workshop that Julie Hammond, Director & Lead Teacher of Anatomy Trains Australia and NZ and Fiona Palmer, Certified Anatomy Trains UK Teacher have developed to bring together the many therapists working in womens health, back pain and breathing disorders.

The workshop will look at how the balance of each diaphragm is important for overall health and well being, it will reveal the connection between them and the effect they have on each other and the effect imbalance in one of these diaphragms can have further along the chain, for example, how problems in the feet could be affecting pelvic diaphragm integrity.

The workshop is open to movement and manual therapists and will look at the anatomy and function of these diaphragms. Giving experiential and movement techniques that can be used as homework or adapted for use in small group, or one to one clinical movement sessions. Informative for anyone working locally with clients in any of these areas.

The full workshop is normally two days but this 1 day introduction will help to explain the importance of these diaphragms and the communication between them, as well as some great take home exercises to start using with your clients immediately.

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