Anatomy Trains in Training

Auckland - 6th & 7th July 2017

Sydney - 9th & 10th July 2017

Melbourne - 14th & 15th July 2017

Perth - 16th & 17th July 2017

Anatomy Trains in Training
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Anatomy Trains 2017 Workshops
Fascial Release for Structural Balance Workshops
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KMI Workshops

For an overview of our KMI Structural Integration Training please visit our KMI information page.

To find our Fascial Release for Structural Balance (FRSB) workshop dates, please scroll down to: KMI Part II - FRSB Modules and click on each of the 6 FRSB Models - we highly recommend that the FRSB modules are taken in order.

Anatomy Trains in Structure & Function MUST be completed before booking any of the FRSB Modules.

KMI Part I - Structural Vision

Structural Vision is the beginning of your KMI Structural Integration journey and will be a mixture of Manual techniques, theory and body reading.

New dates coming soon.

Price includes three webinars:

  • Unfolding evolution
  • Embryology of fascia
  • The physiology of emotional release

Thomas Myers will be returning to Australia to kick off the 2nd training after a huge success with our first ever KMI training. With his unique perspective on fascia and the new research, the human condition as it applies to our bodies in the electronic world and the methods we can use to restore ease and balance to the body in motion.

This is a great opportunity to learn from one of the best in his field in a small group environment. This is the beginning of your structural integration journey and Tom will be introducing you to:

  • A coherent philosophy of manual therapy
  • Body Reading vocabulary and practice
  • Fascial planes and Anatomy Trains
  • Embryology and evolution of tissues, shape and movement
  • The physiology of emotional release

Admission to part II is at the discretion of the part I instructors.


KMI Part II - FRSB Modules

Fascial Release for Structural Balance

Julie Hammond

We have 6 FRSB modules that form the first part of the part II training. You must do all FRSB workshops to carry on through the training. These workshops will be taught in both Perth and Sydney. For full details of each workshop click on the FRSB module below.

The Fascial Release for Structural Balance (FRSB) is a set of intensive soft-tissue technique courses – based on the book of the same name.

These workshops are part of the KMI training but can also be taken as stand alone workshops if you just want to further your anatomy knowledge and gain new techniques. They are divided into functional regions. Each course thoroughly conveys 15 – 20 technique ‘templates’, designed for versatile application for the different patterns your clients bring to you.

Each class includes:

  • Relevant anatomy for the area – short intensive and integrated presentations assemble the best figures from multiple sources, including brand new learning tools such as video of fascial dissections and palpation of the relevant structures to convey the information in an inspiring and understandable fashion.
  • BodyReading (visual assessment) – the common postural and movement implications – how to see and ‘read’ them in the intricacy of individual patterns
  • Fascial Release Techniques – each technique is fully laid out for intent and ‘feel’, with plenty of time for practice, ensuring that you can apply these methods immediately in your practice.

FRSB Modules:

1. Legs & Arches

2. Fans of the Hip

3. Abdomen, Chest & Breath

4. Tensegrity spine

5. Shoulders & Arms

6. Head, Neck & Jaw

Step 5: KMI Part III- Structural Integration

City: Perth, WA
Country: Australia
Speaker: Lou Benson & Julie Hammond
Date: Block 1: 15th April - 1st May 2017 (20th & 26th off) / Block 2: 16th May- 1st June 2017 (21st & 27th May off)
Venue: Anatomy Trains Classroom, 14-16 Commodore Drive
Price: $7,800 AUD
Enquire Now:

The final piece of the KMI Training takes you through the 12 series' with a class partner and outside model.

  • Supervised instruction in the 12 series
  • Full spectrum clinical application
  • Starting and building a practice
  • Quizzes, review of client session notes, an overview essay and manual work evaluation
  • Graduation is at the discretion of part 3 instructors

Certification, website and directory listings are dependent on completion of all course work.

Please note, in addition to the classroom based KMI Training, all applicants must receive the KMI 12-session series (or other SI 10-series). We require written confirmation from a certified SI practitioner (e.g, KMI, Rolf, IPSB, Hellerwork, Core etc) before the end of the SBCM. Applicants also need to undertake testing, self study and submit essays during SBCM and KMI Part 3.

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