Step 2: KMI Part I - Structural vision

Structural Vision is the beginning of your KMI Structural Integration journey and will be a mixture of Manual techniques, theory and body reading.

City: Fremantle WA 6160
Country: Australia
Speaker: Alexa Nehter & Chris Clayton
Date: 21st January - 2nd February 2023
Venue: Anatomy Trains Australia & NZ Training School & Clinic, 2/5 Norfolk Street
Price: $4,290 AUD
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Price includes three webinars:

  • Unfolding evolution
  • Embryology of fascia
  • The physiology of emotional release

Thomas Myers will be returning to Australia to kick off the 2nd training after a huge success with our first ever KMI training. With his unique perspective on fascia and the new research, the human condition as it applies to our bodies in the electronic world and the methods we can use to restore ease and balance to the body in motion.

This is a great opportunity to learn from one of the best in his field in a small group environment. This is the beginning of your structural integration journey and Tom will be introducing you to:

  • A coherent philosophy of manual therapy
  • Body Reading vocabulary and practice
  • Fascial planes and Anatomy Trains
  • Embryology and evolution of tissues, shape and movement
  • The physiology of emotional release

Admission to part II is at the discretion of the part I instructors.