Standing on the Shoulders of Giants – by Julie Hammond

Image of Thomas Dambo’s Giant

I love my industry and see the good we can do in clinical practice, but I also grow tired of the constant bickering and see the divide between health professionals. And how somehow you have to be part of a camp; neural, fascial, musculoskeletal, pain science and the list could go on. Personally, my interest…

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Opening the Breath – by Chris Clayton

Breath is an obvious part of everything we do, yet many of us are always trying to catch it in some way. Its very nature is elusive, you cannot hold or grasp breath? Yet we can contain and literally embody it, so much so that we have an apparatus that does miraculous things with breath.…

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The Hip: A balance of Range and Stability – by Chris Clayton

When my wife and I travel, we do as most people do; we look at the tourist attractions and marvel at them, but we also like to get away from the areas that draw the throngs of people and go investigate what lies beyond. It was slightly different in late 2019 while we were in…

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Pelvic and Respiratory Diaphragm Connection – by Julie Hammond

We all know the respiratory diaphragm is the main muscle of respiration, but it is a coordinated event with other structures in the body, in particular the pelvic diaphragm. Anybody who has attended my workshops knows that I like to think of the respiratory diaphragm like a jellyfish contracting and relaxing with fluidity within the…

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Viewing and Treating Pelvic Floor Dysfunction with a Global Lens – by Julie Hammond

Image by Anna Satmari

  A few days ago, while standing in a long queue for the checkout in my local supermarket, I noticed so many different packs of adult liners on offer for incontinence problems for men and women. Clearly there is a lot of demand. When did this become ok? In Australia, 10% of men and 38%…

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A STORY OF THE FOOT – by Chris Clayton

At some stage or other, we have all probably had a foot issue of some kind. They are a hard-to-ignore kind of pain, due to the role they play in our everyday movements. Imagine, (some reading this may not need to) if every step on either foot brought pain and discomfort, that only gets worse…

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