Slings Essentials


Slings Essentials is all about fascia, its role in movement and conscious training. The course revolves around fascial architecture, relevant qualities of fascia as well as Slings philosophy, myofascial training techniques and training aims. The comprehensive information will serve as a knowledge-base for the Slings in Motion repertoire courses.

City: Camperdown
Country: NSW 2050
Speaker: Muriel Morwitzer
Date: 7th, 8th & 9th November 2021
Venue: Sancta Sophia College, 8 Missenden Rd
Price: $790 AUD Normally $900
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Course Description:

The first half of Slings Essentials revolves around fascial architecture, its interactive relationship with other systems and 10 movement relevant qualities of fascia.

The second part is dedicated to the Slings philosophy and the long-term training aims, followed by the 10 guiding principles and 10 myofascial training techniques.

Although Slings Essentials contains a good portion of theory (as tends to be the nature of a science-informed foundation education), getting the body moving is still an integral part of the training. Morning lessons and practical applications linked to the theory are as much a part of the course as the integral-anatomy-Sudoku that makes fascia so fascinating.

If you are serious about fascia and a comprehensive understanding of its role in movement, this course is for you.

In a Nutshell

  • Study of fascial architecture, characteristics and structural relationships in regards to movement.
    • Definition and characteristics of different fascial types (layers).
    • Insight into tensegrity and biotensegrity.
    • Force transmission within the fascial web.
    • Tone and contractibility of fascial tissue.
    • Glide and elasticity of fascia.
    • Relaxation in the myofascial system.
    • Hydration and nourishment of fascial tissue.
    • Fascia’s role in sensory perception.
  • Discussion of the Slings philosophy.
  • Discussion of the ‘Big 6’ long-term training goals.
  • Study and practical application of the 10 Slings Training Principles.
  • Study and practical application of the 10 Slings Training Techniques.
  • Experiencing exercises, myofascial training techniques and philosophy in Slings master classes.

General Conditions

Duration: 3 days
Selfstudy time: 14 hours
Handout: In-depth education manual with detailed photographic references.
Prerequisite: Anatomy Trains in Motion.
Certificate: Certificate of Participation

Other approved Anatomy Trains courses may also qualify – let us know what you have done and we will let you know how to start your Slings education from there.